Avanti Carry-On's Hardside
ANDIAMO’S Italian translation is Let’s Go which is the first thought that comes to mind when a person is contemplating whether they are planning travel for job related or personal business or that well deserved vacation. ANDIAMO Luggage is designed, engineered and crafted to take on all of the challenges confronted by today’s traveler. Traveling with ANDIAMO Luggage means you have the peace of mind that you are in fact traveling with the highest quality luggage manufactured and that epitomizes the ultimate in LUXURY travel goods.
Founded in 1975 by the Meyer brothers (Jay and Todd) ANDIAMO’S heritage began with the passion for building the very best luggage in the world. The Meyer brothers started their own manufacturing facility in Southern California where they sourced the very best materials and components combined with their unique expertise in engineering to develop luggage that was always considered the very best. There have been consistent innovations and modifications infused into the design of ANDIAMO products throughout the years to enforce the objective of being the best made luggage in the world.