Elegant and practical, CRUISE LITE HARDSIDE is the first hard-side luggage that opens like a soft-side case. Clothing, coats and shoes can all be packed in one main compartment, accommodating larger items and maximizing space for a variety of packing options. The top lid opening also makes it easy to pack in small places, open the suitcase on a luggage rack, or access last minute items when the bag is packed in the trunk of a car. The Patented Delsey Over Weight Indicator alerts travelers when their bags exceed the standard 50 lbs. limit enforced by most airlines. The indicator allows travelers to make important packing decisions from wherever they may be and not at the check-in counter. The device is built into the case and mechanically operated so you don’t need to worry about replacing batteries or being compliant with the latest airlines’ policy restricting Lithium-ion battery in checked luggage.The lightweight polycarbonate material is scratch resistant and offers the style and durability of a hard-side case.
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