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Scandinavian Travel Innovation

is the company behind EPIC. We are located on Sweden's West Coast, and are a purveyor of top quality travel equipment..
As a company Scandinavian Travel Innovation AB was spun-off from its mother company, Libro Group, and founded in January of 2013, but the team behind the company has been working together since 2001. We are a concept and design driven company with the creative and artistic passion, coupled with the technical know-how, to get the job done. At the core of everything we do are the needs of the users of our products, ourselves included (!), and the humble determination to create solutions and products better than anything ever before.

We are a total of 15 people working in the headquarters in HovÄs, Sweden, and we have wholly managed or partner showrooms and sales offices in Hamburg, Copenhagen, Oslo, Sydney, Seoul, the United States, Canada and Hong Kong.